Impetuous - Lori Foster I'm so conflicted about this book. On the one hand, I'm generally a fan of Lori Foster. I liked her spicier novel, Too Much Temptation, so I thought I might enjoy this one too.

Not so much. I liked the characters, but I just could NOT get past some of the language that was used, especially by the hero. Bosom, dalliance, impertinent, and especially frequently calling women "females". I mentally scoffed at one quote in particular by the hero: "How plump are you? How bountiful is your bottom?" Really? I couldn't take the hero seriously after this. Bosom and bottom makes me think "Anne of Green Gables", not "hey, let's get it on!" (Unless we're talking Gilbert Blythe, of course...)

I do understand that this book was originally written in 1996, but if you're going to republish it, give it some heat and put a sensual cover on it, it really should be up with the times. JMOH.

Only other pet peeve I really had was the serious overreaction by the heroine. I understand Carlie had been hurt in the past, but she was a tad extreme and really, really hateful at times toward the hero. She had moments that endeared her to me, but mostly I just found her a bit extreme.