Fifty Shades Freed  - E.L. James I generally liked this one better than the others, only because she was less annoying and the sex scenes were good. However, Christian was way less hot and blah. I liked him as a character when he was all hard and strong and tortured, but working through it. I know some people have commented that he's better like this, but I have my doubts. How long can someone deny the urges that have ruled him for years? How long can he resist his basic urges? Anastasia plays at fulfilling them, but it's halfhearted, and not what she really wants, and the reader can tell that.

So, Christian? Sucked. Jack story? Ridiculous and totally not believable. Baby? Absurd. The typos? Horrendous. Length? I know 10 scenes that could have been deleted by a good editor.

Clearly the good scenes won out in this rating, but there was nothing fabulous about this book.