Hot Island Nights (Harlequin Blaze, #566) - Sarah Mayberry This was the book that went along with Her Best Worst Mistake. I wish this one had been as good as the sister book, but I wasn't disappointed by any means. I actually think I would have enjoyed this better if I had read it first, and didn't know as much backstory, but that's my penalty for reading out of order (bad, bad girl).

The characters, as always, were full and rich and believable. There was never a hint of "WTF, real people aren't so dramatic!" as I've seen in other books. They had issues, they had passion, and they worked through it in a very human manner. I'm SO glad the author didn't have Nathan end up calling Elizabeth "Betty" the whole time. Not that it's a bad name, but it's not a nickname I personally like for a character. "Lizzy" is softer, more teasing, perhaps, and fit her personality better.

Cute story, typical Sarah Mayberry.