Shadow's Claim (The Dacians, #1) - Kresley Cole A solid 4 stars. This book felt very different from her others. Which is slightly amusing, as I thought Lothaire felt different, too. It wasn't as fast-paced, it wasn't as amusing with lots of characters with a lot of wit (not that it didn't have its small amusing characters, but I think the lack of Valkyries and witches in this one lowered the amusement a bit), and it didn't have a lot of travel by the characters, which I feel has been a staple in her others.

I really liked both Bettina and Trehan. I enjoyed that Bettina wasn't amazingly strong for most of the book, but wasn't whiny, and it wasn't the focus of her personality. Trehan was intense, but again, not overly so. I didn't feel like I connected with either of them as much I have with other characters in the past, but they were enjoyable.

I'm dying to find out what happened to Lanthe. I know it probably can't happen, but I want to see her somehow end up with Thronos. A mortal enemy? Somehow, I'm sure Cole would make it perfect. SHE HAD BETTER BE THE NEXT BOOK, you hear me, Ms. Cole? ;-)

Great job, as usual.