Irish Moon

Irish Moon - Amber Scott Ok, so two stars is extremely generous for this book since I stopped reading it at 39%. If I hadn't been reading it on my phone, I would have thrown it against the wall.

It actually didn't start out badly. I was intrigued with Breanne's studies, and what happened with Heremon, and why the dude (whose name I can't remember, if that says anything) was really there, and what he lost.

But my desire to keep reading was put off by Breanne's constant pre-teen emotional back-and-forth with what she wants and the men in her life, the seriously annoying talking cat I couldn't stand nor desired to understand, the lack of explanation of what Breanne actually DID, how her magic worked, the main dude's seemingly important mission that all of a sudden isn't more important than stalking Breanne and ruminating about their one inappropriate kiss...

Fail. Two stars for holding my attention for 25% of the book, but overall fail.

And for the love of God, DON'T PLURALIZE NOUNS WITH APOSTROPHES!!!! The plural of Norman is Normans, McKinley is McKinleys, etc. Just because it is capitalized does NOT mean it needs an apostrophe to denote multiples. Also, "its" IS THE POSSESSIVE! "It's" means "it is". STOP WITH THE INCORRECT APOSTROPHES! (To the publisher - might be time to look for a different proofreader.)