Awaken Me Darkly - Gena Showalter I did not love this book. I first encountered the Alien Huntress series through Showalter's short story in the Deep Kiss of Winter (which I had bought for Kresley Cole's story, having never read Showalter before). That story had heat, intrigue, was fast-paced, and fun.

This book...not so much. I liked how hard-assed Mia Snow was, but there was truly NO chemistry between her and Kyrin. They were blah. I didn't find anything compelling about Kyrin either. He was blah. Perhaps that was the problem. Mia needed someone who was really her equal, and he was just...blah. I really wouldn't classify this book as a real romance, either. The cover art would lend a potential reader to believe it to be spicy romance, and it was much more vanilla than anticipated. I don't believe the main characters even met until a huge number of pages in. The few romantic scenes seemed forced and thrown in.

The storyline itself could have been shortened a lot. There were great scenes and blah scenes, but I found my mind wandering more often than not.

All in all, I didn't hate it, but I was much more compelled by her most recent short. I'll try Showalter again, and hope that this was an anomaly of her work.