A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness Fabulous book. I did have just a few issues with it at times. It was extremely long, and there were scenes I thought could have been shortened or eliminated altogether. Additionally, I didn't believe in Diana and Matthew's love for a long time. When Hamish first said it was clear that Matthew loved Diana, it was SO not clear to the reader! Perhaps it was because we hadn't seen enough of Matthew's thoughts? Or perhaps there really just wasn't enough emotion between the two to make it believable on either side at that point.

I did start believing it more once they got to Sarah and Em's house, and maybe even before that, once Matthew came back from Oxford and declared his love officially, but up until then it just felt forced.

That said, it was clear that this book is not a mere romance, and therefore would not have focused on the romance as much as I would like as a romance fanatic.

There was a lot of history and science in this book, which for a lover of romance, could have been turned down just a smidgeon for me, but it was extremely interesting and well-written. I get the feeling the author is extremely intelligent and knows her stuff.

Fabulous book. I can't wait until the next one comes out.