Wife by Wednesday - Catherine Bybee I was surprised by this book, to be honest. I don't generally pick up self-published books as I usually cannot stand that it hadn't been edited. This book, while it could definitely have used a final proofreader (seeing "past" instead of "passed", "it's" instead of "its", among numerous other mistakes, was rather annoying), wasn't too bad.

First the issues other than proofreading. One, it was a quick read, and I would have liked to see it longer to see more character development to make the main characters' relationship more believable as the book went on. Their chemistry was obvious from the beginning, but the growth of real feelings between the two was more questionable.

There were also no real surprises in the book. Villain was obvious from the beginning, and the conflict was foreshadowed too much, leading to a "duh" moment when it was finally revealed. The author could have perhaps foreshadowed a little less, then hit us with something completely left-field to make it less predictable.

However, despite the plot and characterization issues, I did enjoy this author's writing, and may consider trying another of her books in the future.