Switched - Amanda Hocking Overall this book was pretty good. I had some issues with it, but it continued to hook me in, so 4 stars it is.

My three biggest pet peeves of the book:

One is obvious - the lack of editing and proofreading. This is a self-published book that has gained fame, so it's understood that lack of editing would be a problem. First off, you cannot speak actions. Period. There should never be "I guess not," he shrugged. Shrugging and the dialogue are completely separate and should not be connected by a comma. Also, the number of dialogue tags was distracting. There doesn't always need to be a "he said" or "she asked." Sometimes dialogue is good enough as it is. Other grammatical errors pervaded the book, like random missing quotes, lack of periods, incorrect wording, etc. That said, it's clearly the lack of editor and proofreader that led to this, and forgivable for me since the story itself was captivating enough. Amazing what a good storyline will help one ignore.

Second in my complaints is the heroine - she is a serious BRAT. The temper tantrums were everywhere in the book, and the whining was too much. However, it says much of the author that I still LIKED Wendy despite her brattiness (brattyness?), so it didn't detract from the story enough that I gave up on the book, just lessened my rating a bit. And Finn was endearing, yet somehow just a little BLAH. I would have liked a little more depth into his character. The author was good at hinting at his true feelings through Wendy's perspective, but overall he still just seemed to be a very blah character until his feelings were forced from him.

Third, UGH on the teenage romances! Bella and Edward much? Can she make up her mind? Clearly every guy LOVES her despite her annoying nature, but seriously, choose to ACKNOWLEDGE that they all like you and stop leading them on by refusing to look deeper into the secret smiles and glances. Ugh.

Still pleasantly surprised that a self-published book was this addicting and is so popular. I will continue on with the series to see what happens.