The Giver - Lois Lowry Finally read this again after so many years. I believe I first read this in the 6th grade and loved it to pieces then. It stayed with me all these years, though I could not remember the storyline exactly, so I decided to reread it.

So glad I did. I really enjoyed the book this second time, and I understand why I had been so enraptured with it originally. My adult take on it is slightly different, as I would have liked it expanded, Jonas' time with the Giver to be detailed more to really give his character more depth, give more length to the time leading up to Jonas' leaving, etc. But for a book for middle-schoolers, it was fabulous.

I still hated the ending for its ambiguity, and it hit me much more this time now that I'm a mother, thinking that the two boys may have died. Picturing poor little Gabriel freezing to death with Jonas brought tears. Definitely a different depth of emotion this time around.

I didn't realize that there were sequels to this book, and I'm intrigued as to how the author can continue this storyline. I'll be reading those next.