Loup Garou - Mandy M. Roth 4.5 stars

I actually read this one over and over again, because I just adore the characters. Lindsay is hilarious, and her chemistry with Exavier is so present throughout the whole book. I also adored "Xavs". He was a lovable, believable character, constantly amused by everything that Lindsay did and said. Adorable.

There were so many "guffaw" moments, however. With such an original name like Exavier, with so much in common, how would you not even PONDER that the Exavier from your childhood JUST MIGHT BE THIS DUDE? It got really, really old. CLEARLY THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON, GIRL.

There were other issues too, but none that kills my overall love of the book.

However, WHERE are the sequels? The supporting characters were so original and strong that I was sure that Gina, at the very least, was going to get her own book. I'm disappointed Ms. Roth hasn't put out anything else from this story line.