The Demon Kiss - Lacey Weatherford I have to say that I couldn't handle this book. While I didn't love the first one, I thought the series had potential to be good. I was oh, so wrong. This book exemplifies the problem with publishing your own book - no editor. (Yes, it lists a publisher of Moon-something, but the author owns the company so it's still self-publishing, just made to look like regular publishing.) An editor is ESSENTIAL for showing the author what is necessary and what is not. There were so many scenes in this book where I wanted to yell "WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS SCENE?!!!" If it doesn't further the plot or characters, then take it out. Period. Eliminate all the "very"s and descriptions that don't say anything like "It was nice." DESCRIBE what it was. What is "nice"? My "nice" may be very different from hers, so describe the actual emotions and details to create a real feeling for the reader.

And WTF, at Christmas the heroine gushing "OMG, this is my favorite Christmas evar!!" despite her boyfriend almost killing her and going through withdrawal and his father some crazy-ass demon they've chased all the way to Mexico (all at 16-18 years old, also wtf), but all because this dude WUVS her and is going to marry her is it the best EVAR.

I read 33% of this book and then gave up. I won't be finishing it or the series. If I hadn't read it on my phone, it would have been thrown against the wall.