Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James I'm surprised I ended up giving this 3 stars, since I almost didn't finish the book. The first 50% of it was painful. Awful dialogue, Ana was annoying as hell, and I couldn't stand the sudden ridiculous change in Christian.

The second half of the book was ok. I found myself going quickly through the book, and most of it had to do with Ana's lack of whining and complaining and flipflopping.

However, my biggest issue with the book was Christian's personality. Don't get me wrong, he was less stalker-ish, less abrasive, sweeter, more caring for someone who was supposed to lack empathy, etc. But HULLO, they'd only known each other for 4, 5 weeks? And years and years and YEARS of therapy and submissives and pain just didn't matter anymore? He just didn't NEED it anymore? Really? Their love was SO STRONG that it overcame ongoing trauma from abuse in the past? Not even close to realistic. Have it over months, years, anything, but they cannot just change so quickly.

An improvement over the first book, but I can only hope the third book continues on like the 2nd half of this book, not the first.