Her Best Worst Mistake - Sarah Mayberry I love Sarah's writing. Perhaps adore. I read this in one sitting, devouring it.

So bad things: there really weren't many. Apparently this is one of her first books self-published, and I noticed some spelling and grammatical errors (think instead of thing, it's instead of its, etc), but the characters were AWESOME, so I got over it.

The good: I loved the characters. The conflict was perfect. I didn't feel at any point where I thought the conflict was hitting me in the face over and over and over. Martin could have been so much more dramatic in the face of Violet's denials and own drama, but he wasn't, and it was perfect! He had the right, understandable level of indignation without going overboard.

Probably tonight I will be reading the corresponding book with Elizabeth and Nathan's story because I'm so intrigued and really, just want to read her voice again!