Wicked Burn - Beth Kery Generally I try to stay away from reading reviews of books before buying them, and I'm really glad I did in this case. The number of people who didn't like the characters is large, but I have to say, I really enjoyed both Vic and Niall (although I really had to train my head to remember that Niall was a woman). People have complained that Vic was mean during sex, but he didn't seem mean, just intense. Very intense, yes. Straightforward. Expectant. Giving orders. He thought a number of times that he was harsh with her, but clearly she liked that aspect. And Niall was an emotional wreck, but that was the point. She was dealing with a ton of stuff, and although I did have a number of times where I thought JUST TELL HIM ALREADY, her actions fit her past. Kery showed that Niall wasn't submitting to Vic because of her crazy emotions, but because she naturally enjoyed it.

Kery did a great job. Great story, great characters, really hot sex, as usual. This is another must-read author for me.