Bared to You  - Sylvia Day This book was simply awesome. The writing was absolutely superb, the editing brilliant. I read this book in one sitting last night because I couldn't put it down. It was hot. Really hot. And I know hot, and this one had it. Add that to the great writing, deep, meaningful, and likable characters, and this one was a winner for me.

Like other reviewers have noted, there are clear similarities between this and 50 Shades, but here is where they differ where it matters (warning, serious comparison between the two books ahead. If you haven't read 50, you might want to skip):

The author does not use Gideon's past to "explain" his lifestyle. That always bothered me about Christian, that the author often alluded to the fact that Christian wouldn't have been "that way" if not for his abuse. Gideon's abuse, and his reaction to it, and Eva's reaction to his and her own history, felt REALISTIC. The hiding of their past, the pain it took to open up to each other, their reactions to situations - was all based in actual psychology. It made me care about the characters, their histories, and their presents, because IT COULD HAPPEN that way. Gideon's personality wasn't "caused by" his trauma. His desire to dominate is just who he is, and it truthfully didn't even feel as strong as it could have.

Gideon had similar I-can-do-whatever-I-want-including-tracking-your-phone tendencies, but less psychopath, and Eva, unlike Ana, handled it well.

I LIKED Eva. This was so important to me. I HATED HATED Ana, so it made it hard to get through 50 Shades. Eva was likable, had her own demons she was fighting, and it wasn't just that she was a virgin pretending to be submissive (but not really even pretending) with a crazy Dom. I liked Eva, I rooted for her, I rooted for her and Gideon.

My dislikes for the book were few. I did want Gideon to be harder more often. I like the explanation toward the end that Gideon knew she didn't trust him enough for him to fully lose control. The sex was seriously hot, but I'm hoping the next book it'll be even hotter since they finally started trusting each other at the end enough for him to lose control.

Also, WHY does this need to be 3 books???? There was PLENTY of time to wrap this up at the end, and instead she's drawing it out unnecessarily like 50 Shades did? Ugh. I truly loved the writing in this book, and loved the characters, but 3 books is really unnecessary. (That said, I will still be buying the next ones.)