Erotic Research (Black and White Collection #1) - Mari Carr This was such a meh read for me. I absolutely adore best-friend-to-lover books, but this didn't do it for me whatsoever. It was a short, so I do take that into account, but there was no demonstration of their being best friends. And Ross's personality was all over the place. Either he's forceful and there with a purpose or he's not. Getting all upset and emotional and storming off when Julia reacted EXACTLY THE WAY HE KNEW SHE WOULD is not hot and doesn't fit in with what the author was trying to portray as his personality. The sex was generally hot, but without the real emotional component that allowed me to BELIEVE in their feelings, it was just meh.

Generally I like Mari Carr's books, so this won't put me off of reading others, but I was disappointed in this one.