Undercover Professor - December Gephart This was cute. I'll preface this review with a note that I prefer my heroes to be pushy, cocky, arrogant, strong, attractive, without being too jerkish (at least by halfway through). This hero was nothing like this, so I didn't connect much to him. I also generally don't love the heroines who are take-charge, pushy, take control of the sex, which Lucy does a lot.

However, I completely appreciate that this author wrote something DIFFERENT than what's flooding the market right now, something that could certainly appeal to those who like that sort of thing, who don't get it often in this market. So kudos for that. (And if a future story happened with my type of hero who is also somewhat nerdy and a gamer, total bonus.)

So the book overall was cute. There were many times the author did my number one pet peeve, the overreaction of the heroine to something small (first with Becca, then with the community college thing, etc). I also didn't really feel the chemistry between the two. Perhaps that is because of my affinity detailed above.

Generally cute and different.