Lament: The Faerie Queen's Deception (Books of Faerie, #1) - Maggie Stiefvater I'm so surprised by how much I liked this book, but it hooked me in right from the beginning. I'm glad I read the description when I first reserved the ebook from the library, then conveniently forgot about it, not looking at it before actually reading the book. The description gives SO much away, and I thoroughly enjoyed the path in figuring out what everyone was and how things were connected.

The good: I loved Luke when he was cocky, playful, teasing, and loving. Later on when he started getting insecure, looking at the ground a lot or avoiding Dee's eyes, I didn't love it. I loved the depth of his character though.

I loved Dee. She was extremely likeable, and there honestly was not a point of time in the book when she annoyed me or seemed out of character. The author did a great job with her.

The bad: James felt like the author was just trying to add a love triangle. I loved the idea of him as a friend, and then she goes and makes him in love with her, and Dee never knew before she met Luke? Too questionable. Either make him more a part of the story or leave out the infatuation.

The ending went way too quickly for my preference. We barely saw any part of the queen, and she was killed SO easily. After building and building how strong she was and how the fight between them was going to be epic, it was meh. Disappointing.

I still rate it a 4, and I'm excited to begin the sequel tonight.