Office Affair - Jess Dee I did the unthinkable with this one - I read it out of order. GASP. Yes, yes I did. I did want to read the story before this that had Ben as a main character, but the story line was just not as catchy. I love office stories, so I decided to deal with it and read out of order.

So glad I did. The chemistry with Melissa and Ben was great. I liked that their personalities never went overboard, but you knew what made them tick, what the conflict might be. Ben's quick feelings for Melissa were actually believable, despite his backstory. It takes talent to achieve that.

I wish I could say I was surprised at liking this story so much, but it's Jess Dee, and she's a winner about 90% of the time. Her characters just come alive for me, and the office setting was great, windows fabulous.