Lothaire - Kresley Cole Darn, I really wish Goodreads had half ratings, because I would really give this a 4.5 stars.

I think Cole had a challenge on her hands making Lothaire a lovable character. For books and books we saw him as a leader for Team Evil, and even though we knew there was a lot more depth to him than what we were seeing on the surface, he was pure E.V.I.L.

Trying to change that perception is difficult. I think I just got annoyed by his constant meanness to Ellie (surprisingly it didn't bother me as much with her other previous characters, though she pushed it with Bowen's constant 'tude). I did believe he had changed by the end of the book, so I think she had a win there. The process of that change was difficult.

The only other issue I really had with the book was Ellie's change to a vampire. It was just POOF! vampire. I felt like that was all a little rushed and could have been lengthened a bit for more depth and clarity.