Bad Boys In Black Tie - Erin McCarthy, Lori Foster, Morgan Leigh Very disappointed in this one. The first two stories were ok. Nothing spectacular, but they were cute, at least. The third story needed help. I forced myself to read to the end.

Major issues:
speaking in ways normal people would not. I can't even remember an example, but it bothered me. Make sure a real person would say it like that. Say it out loud. Does it sound real?
Men with exclamation points. Just no. Anyone with multiple exclamation points in a book is questionable, but a man? No. Not for me.
Wording. Dear lord, the number of times the author used the word "suckle" almost made me throw my iPad across the room. A baby suckles. A grown man sucks.

I'm surprised the editor of the book didn't help this author along to Foster and McCarthy standard. Regardless, disappointed.