Lily and the Major (Orphan Train, #1)

Lily and the Major (Orphan Train, #1) - Linda Lael Miller I almost didn't finish this one. In fact, from about 70% on I pretty much skimmed until the end. I once again could not take the immaturity of the lead female character. It's one thing if she starts off immature and she annoys you at the front, but then the character grows and matures throughout the book and redeems herself. Lily did NOT grow one little ounce throughout the whole book, having temper tantrums and leaving without word and promising to marry Caleb when they're having sex but then taking it back right afterward, over and over and OVER again.

It was painful and felt middle-school-ish. I may attempt the next book just to see what happens with the sisters. But if the next lead female is as bad as this one, it won't be finished.